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Local Burgers

Due to Covid restrictions we have limited indoor seating and three bar seats available. We do not have outdoor seating. We are following state guidelines with service restrictions. Food must be ordered, no standing at the bar, face masks must be worn. Reservations are strongly suggested.

(No parties larger than 6)

​Take-out orders can be called in and picked up at the bar. please call 413 625 6216.

Open from 3:00  Wed - Sun

Beef,Fish & Chicken

at the Bridge of Flowers

Our menu has a wide variety of items ranging from vegetarian items to beef, chicken, seafood, salads, entrees, appetizers, pasta, chicken wings and so much more.

Pasta & Salads

Whether you're looking for something for your vegetarian friends, or you want a little steak on your salad, we have something for everyone. Nicoise salad, Cran-Apple Salad, Greek Salad.... 

Frequently Asked Questions
re: the Pandemic, Bridge of Flowers, West End Pub, Local Shops and Galleries

Why isn’t the Bridge of Flowers open?
As a public outdoor space the Bridge of Flowers is under an obligation to enforce a mask mandate when people cannot keep 6 ft. away from each other. This would require a staff to enforce the rules and monitor peoples’ behavior as they try to enjoy the flowers. Given peoples’ natural tendency to stop and admire the flowers and take pictures, it would be impossible to keep foot traffic moving along. Bottle necks would occur. The path is too narrow to allow for passing and maintain 6ft. distance. For these reasons, the bridge will probably remain closed until the pandemic has subsided enough to relax all the CDC guidelines.

Why are you no longer serving lunch at the Pub?
We were forced to curtail some of our hours and cut back our menu due to the effect that the bridge closure, business slowdown, occupancy limits and staff shortages had on our business. In short, it is impossible to do what we used to do with so many fewer customers. It is also impossible in the current environment finding enough employees to do what we used to do. We have found that opening at 3:00 works for us right now. It allows for late lunch/ early dinner without overtaxing the employees we do have.

Why are so many shops closed?
All businesses in town are feeling the same pinch: staffing shortages, fewer customers, less foot traffic and difficulty in maintaining CDC guidelines in small venues.

We are all hopeful that things return to normal soon as more and more people get vaccinated and the CDC guidelines can be relaxed.

Riverside Dining

Wednesday thru Sunday:

3:00 til 8ish


Our burgers are made with locally raised grass-fed black angus beef from farms in Shelburne. Grilled to your liking and served a variety of ways.

try the Ultimate Pub Burger!!